Thursday, November 20, 2008

Board MVPs

It's official — the Most Valuable Players of this past baseball season have been named.

In the National League, Albert Pujols, first baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, got the MVP honor. To the chagrin of Philadelphia Phillies fans — yes, that's me, a lifelong Philadelphian — he edged out Ryan Howard, a major contributor to the Phils winning the World Series this year. 

Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Rex Sox gloved the big award in the American League, becoming the first AL second baseman voted MVP in nearly half a century.

Boards of directors have their MVPs too. What goes into being the most valuable player on a board?

Directors & Boards Publisher Robert Rock (pictured here) has seen such individuals in action. As he notes, "On the public and private boards on which I serve, I have worked with several directors whom I have come to admire as truly exceptional in the value they add to board deliberations and decision making. They are the MVPs of these boards."

Bob examines the skill set and personal attributes of a board MVP in his Letter from the Chairman, published in the Fourth Quarter issue of the journal and also in the November issue of the e-Briefing newsletter.

Does your board have an MVP?